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Our 2024 Market dates are:

June 15, July 20, and September 21 from 10am-3pm

Booth spaces are $20 per market or $50 for all 3 dates.

Young Entrepreneur Discount: This is for students in grades K-12th. Booth spaces are $10 per market or $25 for all 3 dates.

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Danish Festival is the proud owner of the property on the corner of M91 and M57 (313 S. Lafayette St. Greenville). We have big plans moving forward to become a community centerpiece. Although it will not be as elaborate as Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen (shown above), we are confident in saying it will be a place that will make our community proud. 

In early 2021, the Board of Directors was presented a unique opportunity to purchase property in downtown Greenville to become the future permanent home for the festival. The festival officially became the property’s owner in the fall of 2021.


The Vision

Driving by the corner of M57 and M91 in downtown Greenville, a visitor may not be very impressed today by the empty lot on the northwest corner of that intersection. But as the new owner of that prime real estate, the Board of Directors has developed a vision for the future of the site.

The new “Tivoli Square” will feature a beautifully landscaped corner, complete with a small office building, a permanent, covered performance stage, gathering space for numerous community events, and an emphasis on celebrating our Danish heritage. We envision the space becoming the permanent home of the festival administrative offices and an unofficial point of welcome to the Danish Festival city. After fifty-nine years the festival will no longer have to depend on rented space or rotating office locations.

Achieving The Vision

The reinvention of this beautiful downtown location encompasses some distinct areas of focus, covering all aspects of the renovation.

Landscape Architecture

The foundation of Tivoli Square will be the greenspace created in the middle of downtown. A complete “re-do” of the corner will result in topography changes to level the property, new plantings to revive the corner, and a complete re-sodding of the property, among other improvements.

Building Construction

The construction of a modest office building and a storage facility will help complete the vision of a home for the festival. Office space will provide for the Executive Director, any potential future festival staff and a conference room for numerous meetings. The storage facility will be mostly out of public view but will reflect the theme of the property. The construction centerpiece will be the Tivoli Square Marquee. Inspired by the famed Tivoli Gate at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, the marquee will be the welcoming centerpiece of the property and a definite homage to our heritage.

Festival Stage

The construction of a permanent, covered performance stage will be a future jewel for the community. The stage will support the festival’s annual entertainment programming under the Tivoli Gardens entertainment tent. Tivoli Square will offer opportunities for community groups and others to utilize the stage and the facility itself for numerous events happening throughout the year.

Community Gathering Spaces

Portions of the site will be dedicated to providing public gathering spaces. Outdoor tables and chairs will provide a rest area for downtown visitors to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The southwest corner of the property will tell both the story of Greenville’s Danish roots, along with a historical view of the Danish Festival over the years. All this information to be presented along a beautifully paved walkway, leading to a public dedication area reminiscent of an old town square.


Perhaps not as exciting as the other needs, but certainly as important, are the infrastructure needs for the site. None of the vision is accomplished without establishing all needed electrical, plumbing and other utility connections, if not already present. The “look” of Tivoli Square will be enhanced by partially enclosing the site with beautiful wrought iron fencing, adding site lighting and an abundance of smaller cosmetic improvements. The community will be able to look upon the corner with renewed pride.

You Can Help!

We believe that solidifying the future of Greenville’s preeminent community event while at the same time beautifying a downtown historical site will benefit the entire community. The dramatic transformation of the property presented in this plan will result in a new gateway to downtown, highlighting the cultural beginnings of Greenville and the surrounding area.

​We need your help! Your financial support of this effort will become part of our collective investment in the future of both the Danish Festival and the City of Greenville.

A great way to contribute and leave your mark permanently at Tivoli Square would be to buy a brick. It’s the perfect way to honor someone important in your life, or honor yourself! Maybe you want to create one in memory of a loved one or put your company’s logo on it. Buying a brick helps us raise money to achieve our goals of building this community-focused destination, while leaving your mark in the community. 

Brick Size – Cost
4″ x 8″ – $100*
8″ x 8″ – $200*​
*Additional charges apply for clip art. Danish Festival reserves the right to refuse wording on a brick.

Naming & Recognition

Numerous opportunities exist to memorialize and/or honor family, friends or anyone with a gift directly supporting one of these initiatives:

Tivoli Marquee $150,000
Danish Festival “Welcome Center” building $100,000
Covered performance stage $100,000
Permanent sound system $25,000
Outdoor rest/eating area $25,000
Storage building $25,000
Landscaping work $25,000
Flag pole community gathering site $25,000
Welcome Center conference room $10,000
Welcome Center visitor waiting area $10,000 (ALREADY SPONSORED!)
Wrought iron fencing around perimeter $10,000

Numerous other opportunities exist to support the development of this future jewel of downtown Greenville. Donations to the general fund of the Danish Festival are very welcome and will support the establishment of an endowment fund for future operational needs, site maintenance, and site improvements.

The Danish Festival is a non-commercial community event, incorporated as a non-profit, 501c(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible, but please consult your tax advisor as to your individual situation.

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